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Graduate: Graphic Design majoring in photography.

photographer Rashid Seif Ghazi

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با كليك بر روي هر نمونه - گالري عكس نشان داده مي شود


Photographer Rashid Seif Ghazi

Several years of experience as a fashion photographer in the fashion wasteland and Models in Paris and Germany.





. certificate My certificate of Voice of America Washington / USA-7 of 388 I have Participation section to reach the goal, my photo was there.  03/09/2009- 04,14,2009

برندگان مسابقه نمايشگاه عکس زن ايرانی در جامعه
آقای رشید سیف قاضی یکی از
٧ نفری است که از میان ۳۸۸شرکت کننده در مسابقه ی نمایشگاه عکس زن ایرانی  توسط کانال تلویزیونی صدای آمریکا در محل دانشگاه میرلاد در واشینگتون برنده ی جایزه ی این نمایشگاه شده اند.

.certificate.The town charter anniversary of the city of Oldenburg in WŲltje I've won a prize among 800 participants for a photograph.



17.01.2013 Even in photography knows no limits fantasy, Hude - The very first own exhibition is a special event for every artist. For the students of JSC "shooting" at the Peter Ustinov School this moment had come on Tuesday. Since they started building for the exhibition of her paintings in the refectory, which is expected to last two weeks. Director of the course is Seif Rashid Ghazi. The graduate graphic designers studied art and graphic design with emphasis on photography at the Academy of Arts in Bremen.


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